Following this defeat, the Hiawatha First Nation and other First Nations entered into Williams Treaty agreements with the Ontario government, which provided for limited harvesting rights, including the Community Conservation Harvest Agreement (signed with the New Democratic Party 1995) and Aboriginal Communal Fishing License (developed in collaboration with the federal government). However, these agreements were short-lived; Prime Minister Mike Harris` government cancelled it later that year. ALDERVILLE FIRST NATION – Land colonies still look huge in the headlines. On the agenda of the official contract ceremony on November 17 at Casino Rama were the apology of the federal and provincial governments for lying about guaranteeing these harvesting rights, a deliberate untruth that led to countless First Nations signatorys being persecuted and persecuted over the years for “violation of the law.” With the signing of the contracts, the crown received three regions: the first was between the Etobicoke River and the Trent River and was framed by the north shore of Lake Ontario, the second extended northward from the first to Lake Simcoe. Together, these wings represented about 6,475 km2. The third region is 45,584 km2 and was between the Ottawa River and Lake Huron. In exchange, the peoples of Mississauga and Chippewa received a one-time payment of US$25 per member of the group. Mississauga also received $233,425, while Chippewa received $233,375 (both were one-time payments). This money represented a fraction of the estimated value of their country. The $1.1 billion $US subdivision is $85 per hectare for land that the Crown says has been “abandoned” under the Williams contracts from the shore of Lake Ontario to Lake Nipissing in the north from Lake Huronee in the east to the Ottawa River.

A ceremony commemorating the colony was held on November 17 in Rama Ont. the governments of Canada and Ontario have apologized for the negative impact of treaties on First Nations. Compensation for the colony is an excuse for both the province and the federal government. In 1992, the seven Williams Treaties First Nations filed a complaint against the federal government – Alderville Indian Band et al. Her Majesty, the Queen et al., sought financial compensation for the surrender of the land and the harvesting rights of 1923. In May 2012, the trial entered the first phase, during which profile witnesses selected by the municipality testified on behalf of their municipality.