It is a sales contract for a company that repairs or operates vehicles, machinery or equipment on an ongoing contractual basis or by trading off the road. It is important to know whether the customers are B2C or B2B. However, could also be used by a seller and presented to the buyer. Our notes guide you on how to strengthen one party`s position over the other. For example, the seller may cap liability, apply for a deposit or limit the guarantees provided. There are a number of ways to protect this business, regardless of the type of business. This is a complete agreement for the purchase and sale of any type of business. This is the master version on which our other documents are based. We believe that our cautious words will minimize a seller`s freedom to compete after the sale. If you are a seller, of course, you will want to change these and other conditions. The price to be paid is in the interest of both parties. The distribution of assets, value, tangible assets, intellectual property, etc., can also be important for both.

Your agreement includes the allocation so that you can keep your tax bill as low as possible. The payment date is not split. These share purchase agreements are intended for the purchase or sale of less than the full ownership of a limited company. They are suitable if you are the buyer or seller, as they can be easily adjusted to favor both parties. In particular, we include a menu of 140 guarantees that should protect and reassure any buyer. The central point of this agreement is that the seller does not give any guarantees. This document is therefore suitable for an “Hive-Down” or other sale by a liquidator or a director or agent in bankruptcy. However, the contract is also suitable for any private sale in which the seller does not take a guarantee. The buyer receives what he sees, only with the help of the seller enough to allow him to acquire the goods. The downside of the same day is that transfers of certain real estate simply cannot be arranged when the bank project is handed over. This obviously applies to transfers or real estate, leases, domain names and sometimes licensed intellectual property.

In these agreements, we have covered these points as much as possible, but much of these points are your responsibility to ensure that everything comes together when the money is handed over and the agreement is dated.