Thank you, Alex. I really like your lessons and the way you explain. You are very professional and a very good teacher. congratulations! Twentyst may seem like a lot of rules for one subject, but you`ll quickly notice that one is related to the other. In the end, everything will make sense. (In the following examples, the consenting subject is large and the verb in italics.) “Everyone” is a singular pronoun. As this is a simple topical question, you must use the third singular for the verb “desire.” As in, “he wants,” “she wants,” etc. Example: The members of the commission or the student writes each day. 20.

Last rule: Remember, only the subject acts on the verb! Everything else doesn`t matter. Alex, I have 100% points, thank you, you will relieve my problem with someone, someone, everyone and everyone… Thank you very much. Thank you, Mr. Alex, I scored 100 out of 100. The way you teach English is very simple and easy to understand. Thank you very much! Thank you teacher, I love your class on the subject / verb agreement. I have to take more quiz. Singular names go with singular verbs, while plural names go with plural verbs. In contemporary times, names and verbs form plural in opposite ways: 16. If two infinitives are separated by “and” they adopt the plural form of the verb.

Singular themes associated with “or,” “nor,” “either . . . . or “neither . . . still” take a singular verb. This is a very interesting and simple lesson. I understood everything in this lesson and I had a hundred.

Thank you so much to Alex. Thank you for the attractive lesson, could you think of explaining the discord between “everyone, and everyone”? Good morning, Alex. I found this page two days ago. I`ve been so impressed with your classes. That`s what drove me to learn more English. I haven`t studied too much with you. I think maybe you talked about everyone… Excuse me, I don`t think so… It`s just that I`m wondering.

Above sentence “All require singular verbs” and the title of the song “All I want for Christmas is you” … When should I use `all` singular verb or `pluralistic verb`? Thank you very much!!!! I had 10/10, but I have a question, and please help me remember. “to remind everyone” is not correct, I`m really puzzled with `s` where to use it and where not 🙁 There are a few occasions when we should use plurals. The answer is that it should match the subject – the nominaire. Is the football team ready for his picture? However, the plural verb is used when the focus is on the individuals in the group.