2 The sublicensing rights and obligations relating to the use of sublicensing products are governed by the provisions below and accepted by the sublicensing holder and agree to be bound by the conclusion of an agreement with the licensee. 14.8 Intellectual Property Rights 14.8.1 All intellectual property rights on the products granted belong to TomTom and its licensees. 14.8.2 Without limitation of the above, the sub-licensing recognises that the products granted are the result of significant investments and are protected by database rights, as provided for by the European Union`s Directive 96/9/EC on databases, and the sub-licensing recognises that the products granted can be protected by similar rights in other jurisdictions outside the European Union. 14.8.3 All intellectual property rights of the authorized application, with the exception of TomTom`s intellectual property rights under clauses 14.8.1 and 14.8.2, belong to the licensee. 14.8.4 The use of TomTom logos by the sublicensing is subject to the licensee`s prior approval. 10.1. Through card APIs, TomTom collects the personal data in tomtom.com/en_gb/thirdpartyproductterms/ and processes that personal data according to the conditions set out in the same link. The terms of both of these links can be updated from time to time by TomTom and apply from the date of this update, unless otherwise stated. Before authorizing the use of the application authorized by a person (“End User”), you must compel the end user to accept the terms of a legally binding end-user license agreement that contains provisions at least as restrictive as those provided by tomtom.com/en_gb/thirdpartyproductterms/ (“end user license agreement”).

This web link is updated quarterly by TomTom and it is your responsibility to verify, verify and comply with updated terms and conditions for end-user licensing agreements. Limit the license for its own internal or personal use of the end user and not for resale, distribution, sub-licensing or commercial use. 7 To the extent permitted by applicable legislation, the undertakings and obligations that the sublicensed holder has signed with them are for TomTom`s direct interest and may be applied directly by TomTom against the sublicensing. As long as you download the SDKs, the co-conditions attached to these SDKs apply. In addition, you recognize mobile SDKs and agree that TomTom can collect test data on these mobile SDKs when they are integrated into card APIs. They grant TomTom and its related companies an unlimited, irrevocable and free license for the use of this test data for the use of TomTom and the current and future products and services of its related companies. Mobile SDKs can only be used in conjunction with TomTom Maps APIs and should not be used in conjunction with similar third-party APIs or similar to map APIs. However, the above sentence does not prohibit the use of third-party content and services related to mobile SDKs if the content or services provided are not provided by TomTom Maps APIs. In addition to TomTom copyright infringements, as included in your licensing agreement with TomTom, you must include the following copyrights, if applicable: 14.4 Third-party product conditions 14.4.1 The products granted may contain data that is granted by third parties (and contains partner products).