We just love email! It is the single biggest source of traffic to ecommerce sites after direct searches.

We especially can’t wait to set you up a world beating brand introduction email program – did you know that users who read a welcome email will go on to open at least 40% of the emails from the same brand? No? Well let us ensure you are getting the very most bang for your buck through all your email campaigns.

Shortlisted by the prestigious Drapers awards for the Best Email Experience , we really know what works here.  We can help you to set up an email program tailored to your brand, including:

  • Set up a nursery program to ensure new users and fans feel loved, and convert into repeat customers
  • Set up lapsing customer and VIP programs, with incentives targeting customers at the right time to keep them engaged and buying
  • Ensure every customer is on the right personalised 1-to-1 email set-up, depending on where they are in the buying journey
  • Turbocharge your transactional emails. Did you know that customers are most likely to buy again immediately after they have made a purchase?
  • Create easy-to-use templates for emails for you to DIY going forward